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7600 Dublin Blvd. Suite 240
Dublin, CA 94568
United States

INEOS Oligomers
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Durasyn Polyalphaolefins
Indopol Polybutenes

450 Sentry Parkway East, Suite 104
Blue Bell, PA 19422
United States

Product News

Antifoam for Non-aqueous Fluids

Munzing’s FOAM BAN 155 is a defoamer for non-aqueous industrial fluids. Based on siloxane and polyacrylate chemistries, it provides excellent surface foam control and air release properties. Its areas of application include grinding fluids, cutting oils, hydraulic oils and gear oils.

Amsoil Motorcycle Oil Change Kit

Oil Change Kit for Motorcycles

Amsoil rolled out a series of new motorcycle oil change kits.

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People News

Paul Turgeon

Paul Turgeon
MFG Chemical named Paul Turgeon president and CEO.

Katie VanQuathem

Katie VanQuathem
Katie VanQuathem has been appointed area business manager for the North American specialties sales group of Emery Oleochemicals. 

Suzan Jagger

Suzan Jagger
Suzan Jagger has been named vice president of the IHS Markit OMD Consulting team.

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