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7600 Dublin Blvd. Suite 240
Dublin, CA 94568
United States

INEOS Oligomers
Our Products … Your Solutions
Durasyn Polyalphaolefins
Indopol Polybutenes

450 Sentry Parkway East, Suite 104
Blue Bell, PA 19422
United States

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Sealed and Delivered

Long live your O-rings, with Krytox brand automotive grease that’s compatible with all seal materials.

Engine parts

Biobased Stocks

Biosynthetic Technologies has green base stocks and cleaner engine oil.

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Valentina Serra-Holm

Valentina Serra-Holm
Valentina Serra-Holm is vice president of global product marketing for Calumet.

Larry Hofstetter

Larry Hofstetter
Larry Hofstetter is president of Schaeffer's.

Steve Holland

Steve Holland
Steve Holland is retiring as CEO of Brenntag.

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