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7600 Dublin Blvd. Suite 240
Dublin, CA 94568
United States

INEOS Oligomers
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Durasyn Polyalphaolefins
Indopol Polybutenes

450 Sentry Parkway East, Suite 104
Blue Bell, PA 19422
United States

Product News

electrical contact grease

Electrical Contact Grease

Nye Lubricants has developed Rheotemp 769G, a dielectric grease for electrical connectors and electronic circuits.

Driven racing oil

Fast Track to Racing Oils

Driven Racing Oil’s GP-1 High-Performance Synthetic Blend racing engine oil delivers increased horsepower and wear protection.

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People News

Frances Lockwood

Frances Lockwood
Frances Lockwood is on Advonex International's board of directors.

Pavlo Prykhodchenko

Pavlo Prykhodchenko 
Pavlo Prykhodchenko is general manager of Biesterfeld Spezialchemie’s Ukraine operations.

Cathi Mowery

Cathi Mowery
Cathi Mowery is a distribution sales account manager at Pilot Chemical Company.

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