Your global list of suppliers of lubricants, greases, base stocks, additives and related products and services.

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Lee Industries
50 West Pine Street
Philipsburg, PA 16866
United States

INEOS Oligomers
Our Products … Your Solutions
Durasyn Polyalphaolefins
Indopol Polybutenes

1455 Broad St.
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
United States

Product News

Near-dry Metal Processing

Metalworking operations involving near-dry machining of ferrous and nonferrous metals can make use of new minimum quantity lubricants from Molyslip.

Wipe Up Oil

Spills of oil, fuels and other hydrocarbons mixed with water are easily absorbed with NewPig Corp.’s Oily Water Cleanup Towels.

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People News

Sheli Porter

Sheli Porter
Sheli Porter is now technical service representative for Savant Labs’ customer support team.

Gregg Drames

Gregg Drames
Charles Ross & Son Co. named Gregg Drames regional sales manager for the Mid-Atlantic region.

Sander Scholten

Sander Scholten
Lubricant data collection company Olyslager hired Sander Scholten as managing director of Olyslager North America.

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