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November 2018

Phillips 66 Revamps Greases
Phillips 66 overhauled its industrial, automotive and heavy-duty greases. The products are formulated with extreme pressure additives as well as rust and oxidation inhibitors, and resist increased loads, shearing, high temperatures and water washout, among other properties, the company notes. They can be used in parts such as trolley wires in mining applications, wheel bearings and chassis in automobiles and heavy-loaded bearings in industrial equipment, the lube manufacturer adds. The more than 50 greases have color-coded packaging categorized by thickener type. Web:

Greases redone.

Brush Off Grime
Oil, grease and grime are no match for Amsoil’s new engine degreaser. The product’s solvents quickly and easily soften gunk from engine parts that can then be wiped off with water, without leaving residue. The company recommends that end users cover any unsealed components that may be sensitive to water, including the distributor, air filter, air intake system, carburetor, electronic controls and electrical components before spraying the degreaser. The product is available in 15-ounce aerosol cans. Web:

Get rid of muck.

Repel Rust
Cortec Corp. now has a biobased aerosol lubricant for industrial, maintenance shop and home use. EcoAir Biobased CLP is a penetrating lube that loosens rusted parts and protects equipment from wear and corrosion for up to two years, the company boasts. The products can be sprayed on carbon and galvanized and stainless steel, as well as on aluminum and aluminum alloy applications including in-plant machining, bar and chain oiling, flange lubrication, lock and hinge maintenance and mold release. EcoAir is packaged in 10-ounce recyclable spray cans. Web:

Parts keep moving.

Halt Foam
Foam is an unwelcome addition to lubricants, and Ayalytical is aiming to provide reliable measurements with the second generation of its Foam Digital Detection Imaging (FoamDDI) apparatus. The instrument has a charge coupled device camera and a reader unit that provide optics to determine static and dynamic foam heights. The automatic system produces plots, photos and videos simultaneously to monitor the effect and optimal concentration of antifoaming agents, process dynamics and lubricant quality, the company notes. “The second-generation instrument includes a complete optimization of flows, heating and cooling to drastically reduce analysis time of the different regimes to comply with standards ASTM D892 and D6058 more effectively,” Ayalytical adds. Web:

Keep an eye on foam.

More Lube Choices
VP Racing Fuels recently launched its mineral and synthetic blend racing lubricants and oils for specialty applications. VP Classic includes non-synthetic SAE 30, SAE 10W-30 and SAE 20W-50 racing oils that provide friction reduction and high levels of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate to defend against wear, as well as an SAE 80W-90 API GL-4 gear oil for manual transmissions of classic cars. The company also has its VP Traditional racing oils in SAE 50 and 60 viscosities that strengthen oil film and handle extreme conditions in racecar engines. VP Custom has lubricants for nitro-methane fueled and diesel compression ignition engines as well as conventional and limited slip gear oils. Web:

Classic protection.

Smooth Shifts
Transmissions remain steady with new additions to Petro-Canada Lubricants’ Duradrive brand of multi-vehicle transmission fluids. The full synthetic oils offer wear protection, stable friction control, anti-shudder durability and improved fuel efficiency to automatic, dual-clutch and continuously variable transmissions, the lube manufacturer says. They also resist oxidation and have low-temperature performance. The products are available worldwide except the ATF for dual-clutch transmissions, which is available only in Europe and China. Web:

Defend transmissions.

New Gadgets from Ross
Charles Ross & Son Co. has new mixing equipment for blending of powder and liquid materials. The company’s laboratory paddle blender facilitates preparation of dry solid mixes and can also accommodate minor liquid additions. A customized version of its VersaMix triple-shaft mixer adds a turnkey system that can extrude finished products into strands. For its 150-gallon multi-shaft mixer, the manufacturer added automation and safety functions to improve blending and dispersal of viscous products. In addition, it rolled out two 150-gallon double planetary mixer models for high turnover of thick or putty-like materials up to 2 million centipoise. Web:

Mix evenly.

Lube manufacturer UMW Grantt International launched an engine oil in Malaysia to counter the effects of low-speed pre-ignition. Grantt Stellar 8000 SAE 0W-20 full synthetic engine oil controls oil thickening to protect components during cold start conditions and at high temperatures. The company adds that the oil has detergents and dispersants to prevent sludge and varnish formation. It also claims that the engine oil can reduce LSPI by 84 percent, leading to less wear and halting damage to engine components. The oil meets API SN Plus standards. Web:

Add In Protection
Chevron Oronite released an additive package, OLOA 54720, to address the issue of low-speed pre-ignition in gasoline and light-duty passenger car engines with after-treatment systems. The additives are blended with SAE 0W-20 engine oils to protect turbochargers against LSPI while controlling deposits to increase engine cleanliness, reducing emissions and lowering friction and wear to improve fuel economy, the company says. The product meets European original equipment manufacturer specifications from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo as well as the ACEA 2016 C5 oil sequences, API SN Plus and ILSAC GF-5 standards. Web:

Reformulated Cylinder Oil
With the International Maritime Organization’s 2020 marine fuel sulfur cap approaching, ExxonMobil launched Mobilgard 540, a cylinder lubricant that will operate with 0.5 percent sulfur fuels. The 40 base number cylinder oil replaces the oil major’s Mobilgard 525 and provides deposit control, prevents scuffing wear, has increased thermal and oxidative stability and allows for longer piston overhauls. Mobilgard 540 will be available across ExxonMobil’s global port network and can be used in vessels that currently have Mobilgard 525 operating in 0.1 percent sulfur Emission Control Areas, the company says. Web:

October 2018

Busy BP
BP’s lubricant subsidiary Castrol launched Hysol SL 37 XBB, a semi-synthetic soluble cutting fluid for steel and aluminum alloy machining operations. The fluid is boron-, chlorine- and formaldehyde-free and can reduce biocide additive top-ups by up to 90 percent, leading to longer fluid life, the company says. The fluid is suitable for soft- and hard-water regions and is non-irritating to skin in a 20 percent emulsion. Castrol also launched a new wind turbine lubricant, Tribol GR SW 460-1. It claims that the product creates a stable lubricant film that becomes even more pressure resistant with increasing load, and resists shearing, wear and water ingress. Web:

Improved Base Oils
Excel Paralubes upgraded its Pure Performance branded 110 and 225 neutral API Group II base oils. The oils have improved Noack volatility, cold crank viscosity and viscosity indices for blends of conventional passenger car and heavy-duty engine oil grades. The 110N base oil has a maximum volatility of 22 percent, cold crank viscosity of 1,350 centipoise at -25 degrees Celsius and a 105 minimum V.I., while the 225N base stock has cold crank viscosity of 2,800 centipoise at -20 C and a minimum V.I of 100, the base oil producer notes. Web:

Lubrita Gets JASO Approval
Lubrita Europe B.V. received JASO MA2 approvals from the Japan Lubricating Oil Society for its range of synthetic four-stroke motorcycle engine oils. The SAE 15W-50, SAE 5W-50 and SAE 5W-40 oils prevent sliding, sticking or rough changing of the motorcycle clutch plates; control wear, corrosion and foaming; reduce friction; maintain viscosity over different temperatures and have good detergency and dispersion. The products are available worldwide. Web:

Biogrease from Cortec
Cortec Corp. released two biobased greases from its EcoLine brand. The company’s drilling rod grease has extreme pressure additives to protect rod joints from constant vibration and reduces friction and wear. The aluminum complex-thickened grease is available in NLGI grades 1, 2 and 3 and is recommended for environmentally sensitive areas such as waterways. Cortec also released a lithium based grease for lubricating fifth wheels in semi-trucks. The grease has extreme pressure additives that reduce friction and wear, resists water washout and functions in wide operating temperatures. It can also be used in trailer hitches, mechanical joints and other parts with sliding or rolling metal-to-metal contact, the company adds. Web:

Strong and green.

Hype Up Hydraulics
Bringing efficiency to hydraulic equipment in mining, construction, forestry, agricultural and industrial applications is the mission of Gazpromneft-Lubricants’ G-Special Power HVLP hydraulic oils. The lubricants are formulated with Evonik Oil Additives’ Dynavis technology to enable operation in a wide temperature range, improve cold-start performance and lengthen drain intervals. The Russian company adds that the oils increase equipment performance and fuel economy and reduced the amount of hydraulic system failures in both bench and field tests. Web:

Dig longer.

Better Packaging
Spanish lube manufacturer Cepsa has a new package for its passenger car and industrial lubricant products. The company says the packaging distributes the weight of the lubricant better, is leak-proof and has a side handle with textured plastic to offer better grip and an easier pour. The new bottles are also color-coded to make them more identifiable: Gold for the XTAR range, silver for its Avant and Genuine branded motor oils and red for lubricants used in transmissions and other auxiliary industrial equipment. Revised labels include more understandable technical information, and jugs contain 30 percent recycled plastic. Web:

Slick containers.

Gain Fuel Economy
ExxonMobil is the latest to enter the low-viscosity arena in North America with its Mobil 1 SAE 0W-16 Advanced Fuel Economy synthetic motor oil. The oil major notes that the product has increased cold-start and low-temperature performance as well as wear protection. It also has thermal and oxidative stability to reduce aging. The oil meets API SN and API SN Plus and is particularly aimed at internal combustion and hybrid engines, including certain Honda and Toyota vehicles in the United States. Web:

Low-vis for low fuel consumption.

Easier Drum Transport
Taking the hassle out of lifting and moving drums is Liftomatic Material Handling’s goal. The company recently released the Ergo-PWPL-750 powered drum handling transport to move steel, plastic and fiber drums of weights between 650 and 1,000 pounds in plants, warehouses and laboratories. The company also released the 3A-HDBHDL mechanical below-hook attachment that can be used to lift 55-gallon drums from an overhead position to place in containment devices, on scales or pallets. A third product line, the DCM automatic and mechanical drum handling attachments, can raise up to four drums at a time to move them to shipping docks, loading containers, flatbed trucks and for general fill line use. Web:

Need a lift?

Greif Adjusts GCube
Industrial packaging company Greif added some features to its GCube branded intermediate bulk containers. It introduced high-density polyethylene barrier protection to protect solvent based products and other chemicals against gas permeation that can affect product performance, extending shelf life. The company also replaced the generic aluminum foil seal underneath its butterfly valve with one that includes the GCube logo, to remove the risk of product counterfeiting. These packaging changes come along with Greif’s introduction of specialty steel and stainless steel tight-head and open-head drums of capacities between five and 250-liters at its facility in the United Kingdom. Web:

Shield contents.

Maintain Modern Engines
Gasoline and turbocharged gasoline direct-injection engines get a boost in protection with DuraMax full synthetic XLT engine oil from Reladyne. The product provides wear protection, prevents deposit and sludge formation and defends GDI and TGDI engines from the effects of low-speed pre-ignition. The company adds that the SAE 0W-20 and SAE 5W-30 oils meet the General Motors Dexos1 Gen2 specification, in addition to ILSAC GF-5 and API SN. Web:

Put a stop to LSPI.

September 2018

SK Releases Bright Stock
SK Lubricants Americas last month started bringing in volumes of a new API Group II bright stock to the United States. SK120 BS is a bright stock with a high level of saturates, no sulfur content, a viscosity of 24 centistokes at 100 degrees Celsius and a viscosity index over 102. It has a low pour point between -30 and -36 C, which gives automotive gear lubricants extremely low Brookfield viscosity and requires less shear stable polymer treatments for SAE 75W-XX and SAE 80W-XX gear oils, the base oil producer notes. It can also be used in process oils and is available from SK’s bulk terminal in Houston. Web:

Thwart Corrosion
A general purpose extreme lubricant penetrant from Cortec Corp. aims to provide protection to metal parts with less environmental impact. EcoLine ELP is a biobased, chlorine-free penetrating lube with a high flash point that protects metals in milling, tapping, reaming, cutting, grinding and drilling operations against rust and corrosion by repelling water, cooling moving parts and reducing smoke generation, the company says. The product is available in 11-ounce aerosol cans and in pails, totes and bulk quantities for industrial sites. Web:

Precision Cleaning
Houghton International developed a cleaner to replace highly volatile solvents in applications that have increased flammability and other health, safety and environmental hazards. Houghto-Rinse RTD is a water based, low odor and non-flammable cleaner that removes surface residue such as grease and production soil prior to final inspection, assembly or packaging. It also has rust prevention properties when used to clean steel, aluminum and magnesium components, the company adds. The product does not produce foam or residue, dries quickly and is ready to use, eliminating the need for dilution. Web:

Restrain Volatility
Engine oil formulators seeking to qualify products against the upcoming ILSAC GF-6 passenger car engine oil category’s Noack volatility requirements can run tests at Savant Labs, which is now using the Noack S2 instrument from Tannas to measure evaporative losses in motor oils. The equipment has a pre-heated thermal well to provide consistent heat-up of engine oils and avoid long lag times. It can be calibrated to the atmospheric conditions of an individual lab and can collect volatile products that can affect catalysts and other engine components to gauge the presence of phosphorus, sulfur and other byproducts, Savant notes. Web:

Testing for volatility.

Go Low
Petro-Canada Lubricants is stepping up to meet newer engine demands with its SAE 0W-16 Supreme-branded passenger car motor oil. The product resists thermal breakdown, has increased fluidity in low temperatures and protects engines against wear and deposit formation to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, the company says. It also prevents damage from low-speed pre-ignition in gasoline and turbocharged direct-injection engines. The oil meets API SN and SN Plus standards. Web:

Engines stay strong.

Compliant Cylinder Lubes
Vessel operators seeking to meet the International Maritime Organization’s global marine fuel sulfur cap in 2020 can turn to Chevron Marine Lubricants’ range of Taro Ultra cylinder oils. The lubes neutralize acids that cause corrosion, protect components from wear and deposit formation and are compatible with most marine engines, bunker fuels and abatement technologies, the company reports. The SAE 50 products include 25, 40, 70, 100 and 140 base number oils and will be phased into the market beginning in 2019, Chevron Marine adds. Web:

Face the sulfur cap.

Stop Grease Hazards
SKF released two devices from its Lincoln brand: One to prevent grease overflow and another to keep contaminants from affecting grease. The mechanical grease overflow prevention system thwarts grease spills associated with reservoir overfilling. The device is made of steel and anti-corrosion plating to withstand operating temperatures between -40 and 65.5 degrees Celsius (-40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit) in addition to pressures of up to 517 bar (7,500 psi), the company says. The small grease reservoir filling filter minimizes entry of contaminants into automatic lubrication systems during filling. It has a fill rate of up to 8 liters per minute and withstands operating pressure of 344 bar, SKF notes. Both products can be used in mining, industrial, agricultural and off-highway construction equipment. Web:

Stop spills.

Gear Lube in a Pouch
Amsoil has a new packaging to ease gear lubricant application in hard-to-reach areas. The flexible pouch improves maneuverability to fill holes with gear oil even in confined spaces, making for faster, cleaner installation and eliminating the need for a pump, the manufacturer says. The pack is highly durable and produces less waste than traditional quart containers. The product is available with Amsoil’s Severe Gear brand of SAE 75W-90 and 75W-140 synthetic gear oils, which reduce friction and wear and resist high loads in towing, hauling, racing and other vehicles operating in severe conditions, the company adds. Web:

Flex your gear lubes.

Decrease Downtime
Interflon USA is helping manufacturers in food processing, medicine and beverage production minimize unscheduled equipment downtime and repairs with its Interflon dry, food grade lubricant spray. The product displaces moisture, fights corrosion and deposit formation, and resists wear and washout even from high-pressure spray nozzles, including those with salt water, the company says. It can be applied directly to electrical contacts and other moving parts, such as chains, sliding tracks, conveyors, joints, pivots, belts, threaded parts and more. The lube is H1-registered with NSF International for incidental contact with food and comes in both aerosol cans for smaller uses and in automatic dispenser form for large operations. Web:

Spray away.

Stronger Viscometer
Dust, oil and even powerful jets of water can’t trip up Ametek Brookfield’s TT-100 IECEx in-line viscometer. The instrument measures the same wide range of pressures, temperatures, viscosities, flow and shear rates as the company’s TT-100 viscometer, but can be used in hazardous locations worldwide that have IECEx, ATEX and North American explosion-proof certifications. Ametek notes that the device has better durability, more refined speed control with 16 selectable speeds up to 600 rpm and an expanded ambient temperature range of up to 55 degrees Celsius. It also has the motor and sensor components assembled in a single enclosure, the company adds. Web:

Measure in hazardous areas.

Oils Stay Strong
Sea-Land Chemical is distributing Songwon Industrial Co.’s liquid butylated/octylated diphenylamine antioxidant, Songnox L750. The additive mitigates oxidation by reacting with and stabilizing radicals produced in automotive and industrial lubricants and greases, the company says. It also reduces viscosity to prevent deposit formation and foam generation, ensure performance at low temperatures, protect oils at high temperatures, curb corrosion and eliminate contaminants. The antioxidant extends oil service life and drain intervals, Sea-Land notes. Web:

Stabilize lubes.

Roll Up Drums
Moving heavy bulk solid storage drums is now a simpler task with Flexicon’s drum dumping system. The equipment automatically rolls the drums into position, dumps their contents into a discharge hood and rolls them out of the dumping station, allowing transfer of materials from drums weighing up to 750 pounds, the company says. The device contains photoelectric sensors along the powered roller conveyors where empty drums are placed for removal, which relay the position of full and empty drums to the system controller. The drum dumping system has a high-lift configuration for emptying drums into elevated receiving equipment, an open-chute configuration and a dust-free design for dumping boxes, bins, pails and other containers. Web:

Lift, dump, repeat.

Additive Subtracts LSPI
A new additive from Lubrizol aims to address the demands of modern gasoline and diesel engines. PV2500 is a mid-sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur additive package that mitigates the occurrence of low-speed pre-ignition in gasoline direct injection and turbocharged engines and defends against timing chain wear in European vehicles. The company adds that the product meets emissions requirements for after-treatment systems in these cars. “The automotive market is expected to see a rise in demand for mid-SAPS lubricant solutions going into gasoline vehicles as OEMs start to introduce gasoline particulate filters,” said Anthony Smith, Lubrizol product manager, passenger car engine oils. Web:

North American 0W-16
North American Lubricants’ PureSyn SAE 0W-16 engine oil is available for the newest Toyota and Honda vehicles, which the company boasts is one of the first to be licensed in the U.S. As of publication, fewer than 20 North American companies have SAE 0W-16 oils licensed by the American Petroleum Institute. “Fuel economy will continue to be the driver in advancements of engine oil design, but the careful selection of high quality base oils and additives ensures the necessary protection of newly designed smaller displacement engines,” said NAL President Aaron Read. Web:

August 2018

Fishing for Better Oil
Shell aims to protect high-speed diesel engines in the fishing and tug boat segments with Shell Marine 40 engine oil. The product’s additive system controls piston deposits and helps to maintain engine cleanliness for better fuel efficiency and higher reliability, according to the company. “The high-speed engines that power tugs and fishing boats face a vastly different operational profile to a container ship or a dredger,” said Marcus Schaerer, Shell Marine global marketing manager. “We deliver lubricants that recognize and match the differing needs to help ensure that vessel engines can perform their jobs reliably and efficiently.” Web:

Tugging in better protection.

Healthier Machining
Metalworking fluid producer Condat has produced an amine-, boron- and formaldehyde-free, high-performance cutting fluid for the international automotive sector that the company reports has a lower impact on worker health. Polybio 650 ABF considerably reduces the risk of skin irritation and limits ammonia odors released by bacterial growth. The oil can increase tool service life by 10 to 15 percent in some applications and reduces roughness on finished surfaces, Condat boasts. The products wettability and detergency also help reduce lubricant consumption. Web:

Gentle as milk.

Wireless Fluid Management
The Pulse Fluid Management system helps auto shops keep better tabs on vehicle fluids, says maker Graco. Users can capture previously lost or unassigned costs and uncover hidden profits by tracking bulk fluid activities and monitoring inventory from storage tanks to dispensers. The system, accessible from any network-connected device, monitors the type of fluid that was used, how much, where and when it was dispensed, and who was performing the work, the company says. The product can also be used in other industries, such as mining, fleet services, trucking, heavy construction and oil companies. Web:

Transparency in fluid management.

Four-ball Update
Falex Corp.’s updated Falex four-ball test machine will be introduced on September 27 at the company’s headquarters in Belgium. The new machine is smaller, safer and more versatile, the company says, with improved automation and calibration as well as more capabilities. The product can perform four-ball wear and extreme pressure bench test measurements according to ASTM D2596, D2783, D2266 and D4172. KRL tests can also be run by making small modifications. Web:

The latest in wear testing.

Perstorp Goes Pro-environment
Perstorp’s new range of high-performance polyols for base oils can significantly reduce the cradle-to-grave environmental impact of synthetic lubricants, the company says. Its Pro-Environment Polyols include renewable and part-renewable grades of Voxtar pentaerythritol, Evyron trimethylolpropane and Neeture neopolyol. The materials, which the company says are drop-in solutions with identical molecules to mineral based polyols, have all received International Sustainability & Carbon Certification. Web:

Motorcycle Oil for Indonesia
ExxonMobil’s latest motorcycle oil has entered the Indonesian market. Mobil Super Moto provides excellent engine cleanliness, wear protection and effective corrosion resistance, the company claims. It also boasts that the oils provide 44 to 57 percent better wear protection when measured against API SL oils. The semi-synthetic oils are available for manual and automatic two-wheelers in SAE 10W-40, SAE 10W-30 and SAE 20W-40 viscosities. Mobil lubricants are sold by online retailer Lazada in Indonesia. Web:

July 2018

Shell, Maserati Co-brand Oil
Maserati engines can continue running smoothly with a co-branded motor oil released as part of the original equipment manufacturer’s ongoing deal with Shell, its exclusive lubricant supplier until 2020. The product, Shell Helix Ultra Maserati, is an SAE 10W-60 full synthetic engine oil formulated for Maserati’s V6 gasoline engines. It provides stable lubrication and oxidation protection in high-temperature conditions to prevent corrosion and wear, the lube manufacturer notes. The oil will be used as factory-fill in all Maserati 2018 models and will also be available for oil changes at the 450 authorized Maserati dealerships worldwide. Web:

Fast cars, thick oils.

Protect Girth Gears
Medium- and large-size girth gear drives remain well lubricated with Kluber Lubrication’s Kluberfluid C-F 3 Ultra operational lubricant. The semi-synthetic product has good adhesion, high pressure resistance and offers wear and tooth flank protection to open gear drives with immersion, circulation or spray lubrication systems, the company reports. The lubricant can be used in operating temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius, does not clog spray nozzles and will flow freely from gear guards. Kluber adds that the product is free from heavy metals, chlorine, solvents, bitumen and solid particles, and can be used in gear drives in equipment such as rotary kilns, tube mills, drums and similar machinery used in the cement, lime, gypsum, mining and chemical industries and in power plants. Web:

Gears stay running.

Strengthen Grease
Functional Products Inc. released a liquid polymer additive for use in biobased, lithium and calcium sulfonate greases. V-4051 is a grafted hydrocarbon polymer in biodegradable methyl ester that improves water resistance of greases at treat rates between 1 and 5 percent by weight to minimize spray-off and increase mechanical stability, the company says. It also raises the tackiness of the grease and reduces the required soap content, resulting in higher product yield. The polymer has a flash point over 150 degrees Celsius and kinematic viscosity between 2,000 and 3,000 centistokes at 100 C. Web:

Maximize Fuel Economy
Heavy-duty diesel engines get a fuel efficiency boost with OLOA 61530 from Chevron Oronite. The SAE 5W-30 additive package delivers wear protection and oxidation control to cylinders and cams, and helps extend drain intervals, the manufacturer says. The product is suitable for both low and high temperature, high shear conditions in on- and off-road applications, including construction, agriculture and mining equipment, as well as mixed fleets meeting Euro VI emissions standards. OLOA 61530 also meets ACEA E6/7/9 and API CK-4/FA-4 standards. Web:

June 2018

Flexicon Adds Products
Flexicon released a new bulk bag conditioner and a low-profile flexible screw conveyor for operators handling different materials in a production facility. The bulk bag conditioner loosens densely packed solid materials such as chemicals and heat-sensitive products using hydraulic rams with contoured end plates that press and release the sides of the bag. It also features a scissor lift with an accordion-like dust skirt and turntable to condition the bag from all sides and heights, the company notes. The low-profile flexible screw conveyor is designed to roll below mezzanines and other low-headroom areas to receive material from overhead equipment and discharge it into processing vessels in the plant. It contains an integral bin that can hold one-third of the contents in a bulk bag and a screw in the straight conveyor tube that moves bulk materials with a tendency to cake, pack, smear or plug, Flexicon explains. Web:

Swift material handling.

IOM Releases 2017 Data
Historical engine oil data for 2017 is now available on the Institute of Materials’ online database, which was launched a year ago. New features include an increased collection of data about SAE 5W-20, 0W-20 and 0W-16 low viscosity oils, additional emphasis on heavy-duty diesel engine oils, more market brands analyzed and more oils from the Africa region, the company says. The data goes back to the year 2005, and the databases can be divided regionally or customized to filter engine oil information by year, brand name, supplier, SAE viscosity grade, service class, oil type, engine type, country or region, IOM adds. Web:

Sort through motor oil trends.

Helix Heads to India
Shell Lubricants launched its Helix HX8 fully synthetic motor oil in the Indian market. The product protects engine components from stress and wear, resists oil degradation and evaporation, and has improved flow in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius and oxidative stability at extremely high temperatures, the oil major says. The SAE 5W-30 oil also prevents piston deposits that can lead to engine sludge and provides fuel economy improvements, the company boasts. Shell Helix HX8 is suitable for gasoline, diesel and gas engines and meets API SN, API CF, ACEA A3/B3 and A3/B4 standards, as well as original equipment manufacturer specifications from Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Renault and Fiat. Web:

Reduce engine stress.

Polyurea for Bearings
Electric motor ball and roller bearings in sealed-for-life applications can get optimal lubrication with Mobil SHC Polyrex 102 EM from ExxonMobil. The polyurea-thickened grease has high-temperature performance up to 180 degrees Celsius, reduced bearing torque compared to conventional thickener based greases, increased shear stability, improved corrosion and rust resistance, enhanced wear protection and low-noise properties, the manufacturer notes. The product’s service life allows operators to reduce maintenance costs, extend re-greasing intervals and improve equipment uptime, the company boasts. It is also compatible with lithium complex greases. Web:

Sea-Land Versatic Acid 10.
No need to re-grease.

All-around Protection
Whether it’s during warm-up or in stop-start driving conditions, Castrol Magnatec is keeping Indian cars protected from wear. The fully synthetic range of motor oils protect engine components in busy traffic conditions, in a wide range of temperatures and during extreme cold start-up, which can all cause additional stress to the engine, the company says. “The average driver can stop and start as many as 18,000 times a year and can spend up to one-third of the journey time idling. This puts up to 66 percent more load on critical engine parts compared to driving on the open road,” claims Kedar Apte, vice president of marketing at Castrol India. The SAE 0W-20, 5W-30, 10W-40 and 15W-40 oils can be used in passenger car, heavy-duty and gas-fueled engines and meets API SN, ILSAC GF-5 and ACEA A3/B4 and A5/B5 standards. Castrol Magnatec is also available for cars in China, Thailand and Malaysia. Web:

Sea-Land Versatic Acid 10.
Soothe stressed engines.

Toughen Up Lubes
Songwon’s new additive, Songnox L570, is a liquid butylated/octylated diphenylamine antioxidant that enhances a lubricant’s thermo-oxidative resistance by reacting with and stabilizing radicals, the company says. This protects oil from degradation and increases service life in vehicles and machinery. The additive t is recommended for use in passenger car and heavy-duty diesel engine oils, compressor oils, hydraulic fluids, metalworking fluids, turbine oils and greases. The product is stable for up to two years when stored in a dry location at temperatures between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius. Web:

Prevent oil degradation.

Connected Maintenance
Monitoring desiccant breathers off-site is now simpler with IsoLogic monitoring software from Des-Case Corp. A digital reading of the desiccant breather’s remaining service life, saturation direction, breather temperature and humidity level helps prevent replacing the device too early or too late and avoids equipment downtime. The software monitors breather status on remote or hard-to-access equipment within a 100-foot range, and operators are able to access the information through a visual dashboard on an app for smartphones, tablets and computers. The technology is available on the company’s VentGuard desiccant breathers used in low-flow applications with intermittent operations. Web:

Monitor your breather.

Tribofilm Measurements
PCS Instruments has a new device that measures friction in lubricated and non-lubricated surfaces under rolling and sliding conditions. The extreme pressure traction (ETM) machine can be used to analyze the formation and removal of antiwear tribofilms at high contact pressures, study the influence of very high shear stress on lubricant and material chemistry, conduct scuffing tests on lubricants, materials and surface finishes, characterize lubricant properties for traction drive applications and examine their friction modifying behavior at realistic contact pressures of up to 3.5 gigapascals. The ETM can apply loads between 150 and 1,650 Newtons and at temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius. Web:

Extreme analysis.

Precise Scaling
Weighing errors can cause problems for industrial facilities, but Switzerland-based Mettler Toledo has a new digital floor scale to weigh drums and other packages more accurately. The PowerDeck can weigh multiple batches on a single platform without needing to use different scales. It detects and notifies operators when a product is improperly loaded to avoid uneven filling, spills, inaccurate weighing and bad batches, the company notes, while also providing real-time alerts for environmental hazards including debris, shock loads and temperature fluctuations. Web:

Make the weight.

Data-driven Lubrication
Maersk Fluid Technology has advanced its Sea-Mate blending-on-board system with integrated software that automates its production of cylinder lubricants using data from sensors aboard the vessel. The system blends the base oil with a high base number cylinder oil that is then added to the engine sump in two-stroke engines. “The use of this technology can reduce cylinder oil consumption and alleviate issues such as cold corrosion and excessive cylinder wear,” the company adds. The Sea-Mate is comprised of three models (B500, B1000 and B3000) with different capacities, making them suitable for a variety of engine sizes. Web:

Fit-for-purpose blending.

Automated Drum Carrying
Foot pumps and hand cranks are no longer required to lift drums with Liftomatic Material Handling’s Ergomatic 1000 drum transporter. The device has an electric-powered hydraulic system that is activated with a pushbutton to propel steel, plastic and fiber drums of up to 1,000 pounds. The lifting equipment is available in 20- and 36-inch heights with non-sparking packages, alternate coatings and the company’s proprietary clamping system for improved safety. Web:

Easy moving.

Even Mixing
Heavy pastes and slurry-like applications get a proper mixing with Ross PowerMix planetary stirring vessels from Charles Ross & Son Co. The 10-gallon planetary mixers can achieve high shear mixing of tough materials with low flow properties. The devices feature a sawtooth blade on each disperser shaft to double the shear input capacity of the mixer. A rectangular stirrer orbits the vessel and exposes the entire batch of contents to the shearing action of the dispersers, the company explains. High viscosity blades with a helical curvature to push product forward and downward are available for more viscous applications that are prone to climbing on the stirrer. Web:

Sea-Land Versatic Acid 10.
Meticulous stirring.

Banish Hydrolysis
Lubricants can stand up to challenging water-prone environments with Dow Chemical’s Ucon WaterGuard stabilizers. The polyalkylene glycol based stabilizers act as a polymeric sponge that soaks up water and moisture in ester based lubricants to prevent acid formation and oil degradation due to hydrolysis, the company notes. The stabilizers also enable improved deposit control and hinder varnish formation as the lubricant ages. The products are biodegradable and minimally toxic and can be used in natural, saturated and unsaturated synthetic esters for a variety of applications, including deck equipment in marine vessels and in food grade lubricants and additives. Web:

Husky Approves Canadian Lube
Petro-Canada Lubricants received original equipment manufacturer approval from Husky Injection Molding for its Purity FG Synthetic Fluid 46 to use in the company’s injection molding equipment worldwide. The H1-registered hydraulic oil provides wear protection and oxidative stability to food processing equipment operating in hot and cold temperatures as well as wet environments, the manufacturer says. It also prevents deposit buildup that can lead to valve sticking and restricted oil flow to applications such as rotary screw compressor, vacuum pumps, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, the lube maker adds. Web:

Combatting Varnish
Lubrication Engineers formulated a new turbine oil to address varnish in power generation applications. The product provides oxidative and thermal stability to prevent oil degradation, which can generate by-products that lead to varnish formation. It also prevents deposits and sludge, suppresses foam, protects equipment against rust, corrosion and wear, separates readily from water and has improved filterability for long-term oil cleanliness, the company adds. The Endure branded turbine oil is available in ISO 32 and ISO 46 viscosities and is catered to gas combustion and combined cycle turbines, as well as centrifugal compress. Web:

Leave Wear Behind
Esso Thailand launched engine oils for two-wheelers in the country. The SAE 10W-30,10W-40 and 20W-40 Mobil Super synthetic oils protect engines, transmissions and clutches of motorcycles and scooters from wear and corrosion and improve cleanliness of components, the company says, and are formulated to withstand the extreme driving conditions in Thailand’s streets. The products are available at Esso fuel stations, retail shops and independent workshops in 0.8-liter and 1-liter bottles. Web:

Sea-Land Adds Acid
Sea-Land Chemical Co. is distributing Versatic Acid 10. The neodecanoic acid is a compact, hydrophobic chain with excellent solubility in non-polar oils and solvents, providing lubricating and corrosion preventative properties in metalworking fluids and other aqueous recirculating systems, such as engine coolants. When neutralized, salts of the product are easily soluble in water and provide the same benefits. Versatic Acid 10 is a multi-functional solution for many formulation challenges and can be used in place of or in conjunction with dodecanedioic, sebacic or isononanoic acid in numerous applications, Sea-Land says. Web:

Sea-Land Versatic Acid 10.
Acid beats corrosion.

May 2018

Push Back on LSPI
South Korea’s Hyundai Oilbank last month released two engine oils that meet the API SN Plus supplemental passenger car motor oil category. The company’s SAE 10W-40 Xteer Ultra GSL G700 and SAE 5W-30 Xteer GSL Pro engine oils address the high-temperature and high-pressure conditions in gasoline and turbocharged direction injection engines. The oils protect against timing chain wear, oxidation and deposits that can cause low-speed pre-ignition, the company notes. In addition, the products provide shear stability and create an oil film that protects engine components and minimizes power loss in GDI and TGDI operating environments, the manufacturer adds. Web:

Prevent Deposits
Valvoline introduced a new automotive engine oil for use in natural gas, diesel and heavy-duty engines. The Premium Blue One Solution 9200 gas engine oil offers high temperature resistance, oxidative stability and total base number retention, as well as wear protection and deposit control for gas engines across different fuel types, the company says. The product was initially developed for Cummins series of low-emission engines, and the company says it is now approved to be used in engines from other original equipment manufacturers. The oil meets API CK-4 and API SN standards. Web:

Silent Rails
Kluber released a biodegradable grease for stationary rail flank lubrication systems. The fully synthetic Kluberrail AE 62-61 can be easily pumped to lubricate trackside components and optimize friction reduction between wheels and rail, which in turn minimizes stick-slip on curves and screeching noises, the company says. The product adheres to components and resists water washout due to rainfall, in addition to forming a grease depot on the rail flank that is picked up and evenly distributed to the train wheels, Kluber adds. Web:

Precise Greasing
Asymtek launched an automated dispensing system for applying greases to electronics manufacturing and printed circuit board assembly applications. The Helios SD-960 distributes medium and bulk volumes of greases greater than 1 cubic centimeter on line widths and dots that exceed 1 millimeter, or can deposit volumes as low as 0.3 cc on spaces as narrow as 0.3 mm, the company explains. The equipment frame and robotic dispensers allow more overhead clearance than other dispensing platforms. An optional metering system can accommodate various bulk fluid supply options through reservoirs, fluid regulators, booster pumps and other specific fluid and application parts. Web:

Asymtek Helios SD-960.
Accurate dispensing.

One Grease for All
Lubrita released a multipurpose grease for plain and rolling bearings in automotive and industrial applications. The lithium-thickened, mineral oil based grease contains antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors and antiwear and extreme pressure additives. The product operates at temperatures between -30 and 120 degrees Celsius, offers higher load carrying capacity and is suitable for bearings functioning in wet environments. The grease is available in Europe in 400-gram grease tubes. Web:

Lubrital lithium grease.
Replenish bearings.

PolySi Releases MWFs
PolySi Technologies expanded its lubricants offering with a range of metalworking fluids. The G-Man-branded synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids can be customized with extreme pressure additives, antiwear additives and corrosion inhibitors for specific applications, such as metal removal or metal forming. “G-Man low-foam metalworking fluids increase process speeds, reduce sump times and provide longer tool life,” said PolySi Technologies CEO Ann Leuth. The products also eliminate bacterial growth to minimize odor and improve worker safety, and can be blended without using boron compounds or chlorinated paraffins, the company adds. Web:

Minimize Foam
Clariant added two emulsifiers for metalworking fluids to its Emulsogen range of products. The MTP 020 and 030 emulsifiers have low-foaming properties and are suitable to replace alcohol ethoxylate in cutting fluid formulations, the chemicals manufacturer says. The products have lime soap dispersing properties and perform even with rising fluid application pressures. Emulsogen MTP 030, in particular, has high emulsification power, low temperature performance and improved solubility in mineral oils and ester based fluids. The non-ionic emulsifiers are hazard label-free and are registered for global applications, the company adds. Web:

Metalworking fluids.
Feel the pressure.

April 2018

Trap Dust
Collecting dust can be left to special equipment, not factory floors, with Flexicon’s new stand-alone dust collector. The stainless steel housing is equipped with a 6-inch diameter inlet port, a fan motor and a 70-liter collection hopper to remove airborne dust and discharge solid materials into containers, which improves equipment cleanliness, operator safety and eliminates waste, the company boasts. The device traps the dust in dual filter cartridges while material is pulled upstream through hard pipes or flexible connectors. The filter cleaning system then releases short bursts of compressed air at timed intervals so that material from the outer filter surfaces falls into the collection hopper. The dust collector can also be integrated into bulk bag dischargers. Web:

Flexicon standalone dust collector.
Equipment stays clean.

Split-second Oil Change
Oil changes take up valuable time, but John Deere is aiming to switch that up with its 30-second oil change system. Lawn tractor owners can twist in a new cartridge that includes the oil and the filter, without any drainage needed. Captured contaminants are removed with the old cartridge and about 0.8 quarts of the engine oil is replaced. “The ability to change oil easily, quickly, and without a mess is really appealing to people who don't have traditional oil change experience,” said Kirk Eisenbeis, product marketing manager for John Deere. The 30-second oil change system is available at retailers in the United States and Canada for 2018 models of John Deere’s 100-series tractors E120, E130, E150, E160, E170 and E180. Web:

John Deere 30-second oil change.
Quick mower maintenance.

Two-wheelers Get a Boost
Motorcycle and scooter riders in demanding city traffic conditions in Southeast Asia can now select from a wide range of fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral engine oils from Chevron Singapore’s Caltex Havoline. The four-stroke oils maintain engine cleanliness through deposit control and offer oxidative stability, heat protection and improved clutch grip to enhance acceleration even under high loads, the manufacturer says. The oils are available in a range of viscosities meet API SN, SL and SG standards as well as JASO MA2 and MB specifications. They are sold for two-wheelers in Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. Web:

Havoline Super 4T Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-40.
Scoot along.

Prolong Engine Protection
Rack up more mileage without compromising engine protection with Mobil 1 extended performance high mileage motor oil from ExxonMobil. The company says the oil is formulated for SUVs, light vans and trucks with more than 75,000 miles on the odometer and provides resistance to oil breakdown, prevents sludge and deposit formation and stops oil leaks. The low-viscosity, fully synthetic engine oil protects engines for up to 15,000 miles between drain intervals, the formulator adds. The SAE 0W-20, 5W-20 and 5W-30 product is available at Meijer and Walmart locations in the U.S. Web:

Mobil 1 Extended Performance High Mileage.
Drive longer.

Raise Fuel Economy
Pennzoil is racing ahead of ILSAC GF-6 licensing with its SAE 0W-16 full synthetic engine oil. The product provides viscosity control and less motor oil consumption, the company claims, in addition to oxidation stability, wear protection and deposit reduction. The formulator notes that the introduction of certain 2018 models of passenger car vehicles in the United States market, including the Toyota Camry, have driven the demand for SAE 0W-16 engine oils that increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Pennzoil began selling the motor oils in the United States in bulk, drum and ecobox packaging in March and plans to sell 1-quart and 5-quart bottles in the U.S. and Canada in June. Web:

Penzzoil SAE 0W-16 engine oil.
Thinner sooner.

Stop Oily Discharge
Non-compliant discharges of oil in water can be one less worry for marine operators with Alfa Laval’s BlueBox SA oil content monitor and data recorder. The tamper-proof, standalone device monitors water treatment systems, such as static coalescers, for oil discharge, the company says. If the oil content is above a limit set between 5 and 15 parts per million, the BlueBox prevents the overboard discharge valve from opening. “For overboard discharge to take place, a whole range of conditions must be verified, such as the direction of the sample flow through the oil content monitor,” said Shinya Tanehashi, global sales manager for oily water treatment systems, adding that all operational data including GPS position, alarms and unlocking of the device’s cover is logged and saved for 18 months for operator reference. Web:

Alfa Laval’s BlueBox SA oil content monitor.
Keep discharge in check.

Better Drum Lifting
High-volume drums can now be moved faster in shorter trips with two forklift attachments from Liftomatic Material Handling. The company’s’ LOM-4 drum handling units are configured to raise up to four rimmed steel, plastic and fiber drums with total load capacity of 8,000 pounds without requiring hydraulic or electrical connections. The L4F attachment is useful for mixed loads and single stacking of drums in trucks, trailers and fill-line movement, while the S4F model can be used for double stacking of drums in trucks and trailers where overall height is limited, Liftomatic notes. Crane and carriage-mount models are also available. Web:

Liftomatic LOM-4 drum handling units.
Easy lifting.

Contain Oil Spills
Cleaning oil off floors and other surfaces is a job better left to the Oil Baron from automotive aftermarket supplier S.U.R. & R. The cleaning product’s formula uses natural microbes to turn spills and stains of oil, grease, brake and transmission fluids into water and carbon dioxide, making them non-flammable and non-hazardous, the company boasts. The residue can then be washed away or disposed of without any additional treatment. Oil Baron comes in liquid form to be applied to floors using mops, automated scrubbers and pressure washers, and in aerosol foam spray ideal for cleaning tools, engine parts and other surfaces. Web:

Oil Baron.
Wipe oil away.

Cut Downtime
Manual lubrication means higher costs due to equipment downtime, but Rohm Products of America introduced an automated lubrication device for HSK spindle tool clamping systems. Lubritool is stored in the machine’s tool magazine, and when prompted by the machine’s control, is swapped into the spindle to provide the appropriate amount of lubricant to the tool clamping system, eliminating workflow interruption, the company notes. The device comes in two configurations--HSK-A63 and HSK-A100--and is equipped with a Lubriflux grease cartridge that can be used for 100 cycle applications. Web:

Rohm Lubritool.
Mechanized lubrication.

Slay Silica Deposits
Phillips 66 launched a gas engine oil for turbines burning landfill gases to generate electricity. The oil is formulated to disperse silica deposits formed during combustion of siloxane gases in landfills, reduce equipment downtime and recondition of parts such as cylinder heads and liners, the company says. Its low ash content protects catalysts and after-treatment systems, reduces oil oxidation and nitration, decreases ring and liner wear and neutralizes acids over long service intervals, the company notes. The product is recommended for natural gas engines manufactured by Caterpillar, General Electric, Wartsila and other companies. Web:

Fight the Cold
Chevron Oronite introduced an enhanced additive to its Paratone brand of products. The high-ethylene olefin copolymer Paratone 8935E is a viscosity modifier that improves the cold temperature performance of passenger car motor oils, in addition to providing shear stability, high thickening efficiency and better blending and handling at lower temperatures, the manufacturer says. The additive is ready to be used in API SN Plus and ILSAC GF-5 engine oils. A liquid concentrate of the additive in API Group II base oil us available to maintain treat rates of existing Paratone concentrates, which can be purchased in drum and bulk quantities from Oronite’s various manufacturing facilities worldwide. Web:

Nynas Adds Base Oil
Industrial lubricant manufacturers have more options for blending formulations with a new base stock from Nynas. The refiner’s T-600 naphthenic base oil has a viscosity of around 600 centistokes at 40 degrees C and offers high solvency and low-temperature performance for lubricants such as gear oils, metal rolling and forming fluids. It can also be used to formulate greases, leading to a reduction in the use of lithium soap, the company adds. The naphthenic oil can also be combined with paraffinic base stocks to improved viscosity, cold temperature properties and additive solubility. T-600 is available worldwide. Web:

March 2018

Push Back On Pressure
Extreme pressure additives from Sun Chemical are now being distributed by Sea-Land Chemical. The Dailube brand of sulfur based additives are low-odor, light-colored products that provide antiwear and friction reduction in high-pressure applications, including metalworking, metal cutting and gear assembling. The products have sulfur contents of 10, 14.5, 30, 31 and 40 percent and are highly soluble at a high flash point, making them suitable for lubricants that require a specific viscosity, sulfur content and active sulfur point, Sun Chemical notes. Dailube additives are also environmentally friendly and do not generate hazardous combustion residue when disposed. Web:

Metalworking fluid.
Reduce friction and wear.

Get a Grip
Bulky steel drums can be lifted without hassle with forklift attachment units released by Liftomatic Material Handling. The drum handling clamps fit on the forks of any standard lift trucks and feature cushioned belt-cradles for loading, unloading, palletizing and storing 30-, 55- and 85-gallon drums. The clamps are designed to provide a tight grip and protect drums during transport, the company says. The drum handling attachments are available for one-to-four drum handling models. Web:

Liftomatic forklift clamps.
Safer drum handling.

Schedule Maintenance Online
Mobil Lubricants Indonesia partnered with Singapore e-commerce platform Lazada to provide lubricants and oil changes through an online service booking module. Consumers of Mobil Lubricants can access the company’s official store on Lazada’s website and select the product and oil change service package of their choice. Once the payment is processed, drivers are contacted by a Mobil customer service representative to confirm the lube selection or oil change appointment at an authorized service workshop. Mobil boasts that it is the first lubricants brand to partner with Lazada to launch the online-to-offline service module. Web:

Mobil Lubricants store on Lazada's website.
Book an oil change in seconds.

Mix Heavy Materials
Churning very viscous materials is now easier with Charles Ross & Son Co.’s new 500-gallon VersaMix multi-shaft mixer. The device can process medium- to high-viscosity pastes, slurries, gels and suspensions up to several hundred thousand centipoise. The 500-gallon model is equipped with independently-driven anchor and screw auger agitators that jointly work to mix products while bringing air pockets to the surface, the company reports. It also features two saw-tooth, high-speed disperser blades that achieve high shear to break up and dissolve powders, air casters to allow mobility of the mixing vessel, production recipe controls with data acquisition capabilities, as well as a purged explosion-proof operator station, Ross adds. Web:

500-gallon VersaMix multi-shaft mixer.
Smooth it out.

Improve Workplace Safety
New Pig Corp. launched a training video for prevention of slips, trips and falls in the workplace for beginner and intermediate trainees. The 26-minute video is broken up into short 1- to 3-minute modules showing topics such as the difference between trips, slips and falls; common causes and preventions; tips for walking on slippery floors and stairs; proper ladder use; identifying and resolving hazards and first aid for trip-and-fall injuries, the company says. The safety video features 3D animation to demonstrate real-world scenarios in the workplace and keeps the trainees engaged through the use of quizzes, which are necessary to receive the certificate of completion, the company adds. The online training video is available to organizations of all sizes with structured pricing. Web:

Slay Extreme Conditions
Nasyn Group developed perfluoropolyether base oils to blend lubricants used in wide temperature ranges and hazardous environments. Lubaso PFPE base oils are 1,000 centiStoke viscosity grade, clear, colorless, fluorinated synthetic oils. They are non-reactive and nonflammable, and function in temperatures between -75 and 370 degrees Celsius. Properties include high stability in corrosive environments and applications prone to oxidation, low volatility, improved electrical resistance and radiation hardness, in addition to having compatibility with various metals, the company notes. The base oils are suitable for automotive, electronic, chemical, aerospace, aviation, metal processing and other applications. Web:

February 2018

Chilled Purple
Keeping air conditioning and refrigeration compressors running is the goal of Royal Purple’s Purple Chill line. The polyol ester based lubes, manufactured in partnership with Calumet, have good lubricity and corrosion protection at higher temperatures while retaining miscibility at low evaporator temperatures to facilitate oil return, the company says. They are recommended for use with HFC, CFC, HCFC, HFO and CO2 refrigerants. The line also includes mineral oil products with low wax content and pour point, for use in traditional CFC and HCFC refrigerant systems. Both products are available in ISO 32 and ISO 68 viscosity grades and can be used in most reciprocating, scroll, screw and centrifugal compressors. Web:

Purple Chill refrigeration lube.
Chill out.

New Oils from Tata Motors
Tata Motors launched a range of genuine lubricants for its commercial vehicles in the Indian market. The products include API CI-4 Plus and API CH-4 SAE 15W-40 heavy-duty diesel engine oils, a gear oil formulated for synchromesh transmissions in vehicles operating in rugged terrains, and a rear axle oil for trucks driving in high temperatures. The multipurpose oils are made for newer engines in both on- and off-road vehicles and are sold exclusively at the 1,400 Tata Motors authorized workshops in India. Web:

Streamline GHS Label Printing
Printing labels and label design software manufacturer Avery Products has partnered with SiteHawk, a chemical data management company, to develop software that creates labels for Globally Harmonized System-compliant products. Users can import data from SiteHawk to Avery’s GHS label design and printing software, which can be easily edited and customized with logos, barcodes and other important information, says Avery. The labels can be printed using a desktop printer or professionally printed and shipped. They are waterproof and resist abrasion, chemicals, ultraviolet light, tearing and extreme temperature conditions, the company adds. Different label sizes are available to identify hazardous materials in containers such as drums, totes, pails, jugs and bottles. Web:

free Avery Design and Print GHS Wizard software.
Less labeling input.

Oil Fights LSPI
Valvoline released a synthetic motor oil to protect smaller, modern engines against the effects of low-speed pre-ignition. The engine oil specifically defends gasoline direct injection, turbocharged direct injection and other newer engine technologies in cars manufactured since 2012 against oil and fuel based carbon deposits, timing chain wear, sludge formation, abnormal combustion, oil oxidation due to extreme temperatures, as well as viscosity breakdown in intake valves, pistons and turbochargers, the marketer notes. This maintains fuel economy and vehicle performance and prevents engine breakdown, Valvoline assures. The product meets API SN, API SN Plus, API SN-Resource Conserving and ILSAC GF-5 standards and is available in the United States. Web:

Valvoline Modern Engine oil.
Modernized protection.

Keep Chains Turning
Metalube UK launched high-performance chain oils for food processing applications. The ester based Metachain FG-30, FG-35, FG-40 and FG-45 products are thermally stable and reduce carbon and varnish deposits. They function in operating temperatures between -30 to 300 degrees Celsius and have viscosities of 100, 220, 280 and 390 centiStokes, the company says. The oils can be used in travelling bakery ovens, rolling hotplates, automated lubrication systems, large pitch chains, hydrostats and large conveyors. All four products are registered with NSF International; FG-40 and FG-45 are H2 lubricants that can be used in equipment without any food contact, while FG-30 and FG-35 are registered as H1 lubes for incidental food contact. Web:

Tougher Oil Transport
VP Racing Fuels released a 3-gallon container for storage and transport of various materials and liquids, including automotive and industrial fluids, oil and absorbents. The packaging is made with 30 percent more high density polyethylene than standard containers from the oil marketer to withstand impacts that can cause cracks, leaks or splitting. It features a contoured handle, a bottom grip to ease pouring and a multipurpose cap with rubber gaskets made to resist breaking, the company notes. The container is available through VP Racing Fuels distributors and can also be ordered online. Web:

VP Racing Fuels' Motorsportsman 3-gallon container.
Stronger storage.

Resist Fire Damage
Extinguish fire hazards in severe operating conditions in hydraulic equipment with Bel-Ray’s fire-resistant hydraulic fluid. The product works in high pressure hydraulic systems up to 7,500 psi, provides shear stability, maintains a high viscosity index in low and high temperatures and reduces varnish and sludge formation in valves, pipes and reservoirs, the company says. The non-toxic biodegradable fluid is certified as HFD-U fire resistant and is registered by NSF International as an H1 lubricant suitable to use in applications that have incidental contact with food. Web:

Oil Change a Tap Away
Planning vehicle maintenance around a busy schedule is a notion that Palo Alto, California-based startup Yoshi is trying to do away with. Yoshi is a mobile app which provides the ability to schedule on-demand oil changes and other basic maintenance services while consumers’ cars are parked at home or at work. The oil changes are done using Mobil 1 and Mobil Super brand oils and include new filter installation, the company says. Yoshi’s services are currently available in seven major cities in the United States, but the company notes that service availability and pricing vary by location. Yoshi joins similar on-demand maintenance service apps in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Web:

Yoshi mobile app.
An app for your oil change.

Increase Gear Performance
Heavy-duty commercial trucks can haul for longer periods without frequent gearbox fluid changes with Traxon synthetic gear oil from Petro-Canada Lubricants. The product limits drag losses and delivers oxidative stability to resist deposit and sludge formation than can cause issues with transmission shifts, the manufacturer reports. The gear oil protects manual transmissions in all weather conditions and increases drain intervals up to 250,000 miles. Traxon gear oil can be used in Class 6, 7 and 8 trucks, meets API’s GL-4 specification and has original equipment manufacturer approvals from Mack, Volvo, Iveco, MAN and Renault. Web:

Traxon synthetic gear oil.
Extend gear oil drains.

Enhance Viscosity
Evonik Oil Additives announced that its Viscoplex 8-219 viscosity index improver for hydraulic fluids was registered by InS Services as an HX-1 ingredient for use in lubricants that have incidental contact with food. The additive is a polymer dissolved in mineral oil that improves viscosity and offers high shear stability. It controls paraffin crystallization and allows hydraulic oils to have increased performance at low temperatures and enhanced pour points when blended with a pour point depressant, the company boasts. The product can be used in paraffinic base oils or in paraffinic and naphthenic base oil combinations for applications in both food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Web:

January 2018

Double Offerings from Ross
Charles Ross and Son Co. added a new planetary mixer at its test and development center. The four-gallon planetary dual disperser is equipped with two blades for high-viscosity products and two high-speed dispersers that rapidly break up and dissolve powders, thick slurries and pastes, the company notes. The device includes a jacketed mix vessel and is designed for vacuum operation, able to blend products with viscosities of up to 2 million centipoise. Companies can test raw materials on the mixer in operating conditions closely resembling actual production at the testing center, Ross adds. The manufacturer also released protective curtains for its tumble blenders. The curtains provide automatic shutoff of the blenders when a worker crosses a defined security boundary, improving operator safety, the company says. Web:

Ross Model PDDM-4 Planetary Dual Disperser
Better mixing and safer workspaces.

Handle Hefty Drums
Moving drums can be a lighter job with portable drum handling equipment from Liftomatic Material Handling. The Ergo-Matic line consists of four drum handling models with heights of up to 36 inches to allow double stacking. Each product has spark-resistant components for flammable areas, double clamps and special wheels and coatings for FDA-approved applications. The products are available in counterbalance and straddle-leg configurations, can handle up to 1,000 pounds per drum and can be used for steel, fiber and plastic drums at ground level and for palletizing or placing drums in storage containers, the company notes. The equipment includes hand trucks in addition to fully-powered devices for repetitive lifting environments and long-distance drum movement in plants, labs and warehouses. Web:

Ergo-Matic with drum.
Take a load off.

Aid Agricultural Equipment
Off-highway equipment in the agricultural sector can use the added protection of Exol Lubricants’ synthetic universal tractor transmission oil. Harvest LV is a low-viscosity formulation for transmissions, hydraulics, final drives and wet brakes that improves anti-squawk performance in brake systems, oxidative stability and increased low temperature properties, and reduces wear and extends oil drain intervals, the company states. The product can be used in modern off-highway equipment in addition to older tractors, and meets API GL-4 and original equipment manufacturer specifications from John Deere, Case New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Caterpillar, Kubota and others. Web:

Exol Harvest LV universal tractor transmission oil.
Smooth harvesting.

Reduce Friction Damage
Total is revving up its presence in India through the launch of its Hi-Perf four-stroke motorcycle engine oils. The synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oil based lubes protect scooter, racing motorcycle and other two-wheeler engine parts against damage from sudden breaking, heavy clutch usage and frequent gear changes, the company boasts. The SAE 10W-50, 10W-40, 10W-30 and 20W-40 motor oils reduce friction and wear, prevent clutch slippage and protect cylinders and pistons at high temperatures. The products meet API SN and JASO MA2 standards. Web:

Total Hi-Perf motorcycle oil range.
Raise motorcycle endurance.

Sharp Cutting
Sunbelt Lubricants released a non-petroleum based cutting saw lubricant for metalworking operations. CutSpan X-2 is a colorless, odorless cutting fluid for high performance, high output saws used to cut aluminum or stainless steel for further processing, such as billet, ingot, extrusion or cut shapes, the company reports. The biodegradable product is made from natural fatty acids derived from renewable vegetable sources and leaves a lubricating film that prevents metal particles from sticking together, Sunbelt adds. It is intended to be used without diluting in water, oils or solvents in metal removal operations, in addition to sawing, cutting and drilling, as well as for metal forming operations such as stamping and drawing. Web:

Repel Water
Kluber Lubrication rolled out a specialty grease for sanitary applications. Unisilkon LCA 3801 is a silicone and calcium soap-based grease with neutral odor that lubricates narrow gaps and difficult-to-reach friction points in equipment exposed to both non-potable and potable water, such as drinking water valves and fittings, the company says. The product offers improved sealing capacity, enhanced load bearing and adhesion, and has thermal stability in cold or hot water, Kluber boasts. The grease is compatible with most ceramics, metals, elastomers and plastics and is resistant to acid or alkaline disinfectants, but the company warns that it is not as resilient against most organic solvents, strong acids or lyes. Web:

Push Corrosion Out
Thrust gears, steering gears and stern tubes operating in highly corrosive marine environments can count on protection from Royal Purple’s Biomax hydraulic oil. The environmentally acceptable lubricant displaces moisture to protect vessel equipment against rust, corrosion and oxidation due to extreme heat, and has improved seal compatibility and solvency, the company notes. The hydraulic oil provides lubrication to components such as bearings, stabilizers, rudders, controllable pitch propellers and azipods and is compliant with requirements laid out in the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency’s 2013 Vessel General Permit. Web:

Enhance Wire Drawing
Manufacturers can stabilize components in copper and non-ferrous wire drawing applications with new fluids from Metalube UK. Lubricool 33, 11, 319, 230 and 250B are synthetic and semi-synthetic chemistries that provide longer sump life through lower interaction with copper; resistance to soap formation, excessive foaming and bacterial formation; reduced corrosion and oxidation; emulsion stability; increased detergency and resistance to high conductivity conditions. The company claims the products deliver fewer wire breaks, reduced capstan wear and extended die life, according to results from fluid trials being conducted at different facilities in Europe. Web:

December 2017

Sprint Away from Wear
Racing professionals and enthusiasts can count on added protection for their engines with new motor oils, says Champion Brands. The company released a fully-synthetic SAE 0W-40 oil for muscle cars and two SAE 10W-40 and 20W-50 mineral oils to protect engines against hard break-in damage. The muscle car engine oil reduces wear and oil breakdown, improves piston ring seal for better compression, increases horsepower and torque and maintains component protection in extremely high temperatures, the company assures. The product is licensed as meeting API SN standards and recommended for Dodge’s Viper 8.4L, Challenger 6.4L and Charger 6.4L engines among other “crate motors” from manufacturers such as Jeep and Nissan. The break-in motor oils are formulated with polymer thickeners to allow for easier cold start-up, reduced friction and protection of components during break-in and heating cycles. They also have dispersants and additives to keep the engine clean and minimize wear particles generated by the piston rings, cylinder walls and other moving parts during operation. Web:

Champion Brands SAE 20W-50 break-in oil.
Keeps engines purring.

Gazprom Ocean Sets Sail
Russian oil marketer Gazpromneft-Lubricants is now producing marine lubricants under the Gazpromneft Ocean brand. The new range of marine products will include 15 diesel engine oils, cylinder and crankcase lubricants for vessels equipped with medium- and high-speed trunk piston, slow speed or two-stroke crosshead engines using fuels with low- or high-sulfur content (between 0.5 to 4.5 percent), the company says. The oils protect components against wear, deposits and corrosion in high-load and high-temperature operating conditions, as well as providing water separation properties and defending against foaming. The launch of the marine lubes brand aims to develop Gazpromneft-Lubricants’ global operations, and the company plans to expand its storage capacity in 2018 to supply more foreign ports, added CEO Alexander Trukhan. Web:

Gazpromneft-Lubricants oil barrels.
Full speed ahead.

Improved HDEOs
Phillips 66 is meeting heavy-duty diesel engines’ evolving low-viscosity demands with its latest Phillips 66 and Kendall brand API CK-4 and FA-4 formulations. The company released four SAE 5W-30 HDEOs that have high shear stability, offer soot control to protect against abrasive wear and oil thickening, resist viscosity and thermal breakdown at high temperatures in addition to foaming and aeration, and defend engine components against sludge and varnish formation, rust and bearing corrosion, Phillips 66 boasts. They are formulated for compatibility with exhaust aftertreatment systems using diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts or selective catalytic reduction, perform in harsh low-temperature environments, and extend oil drain intervals, the oil marketer adds. The oils meet a number of European and North American original equipment manufacturer specifications in addition to ACEA E6 standards. Web:

Phillips 66 Triton FE heavy-duty diesel engine oil.
Heavy-duty protection.

Thick and Thin from Houghton
Houghton International launched something thick and something thin: The latter is a metal removal fluid for machining and grinding operations, while the former is a new grease for industrial applications. The company’s Hocut 8640 is a soluble metalworking fluid with improved dispersion properties for chip removal, emulsion stability and low-foaming characteristic to raise heat transfer performance. It can be used on metals such as high- and low-carbon steel, stainless and alloyed steels, cast nodular, gray iron and carbon particle composites. Houghton added that Aquashield-branded lithium grease clings to metal and O-ring surfaces to seal out water and protect against rust in demanding environments. The grease shows shear stability and retains consistency, the company said, and can be used in applications including bearings, gears, water pumps, water filters, motors and valves that must operate in hot or cold water, steam, pool chemicals or salt water. Web:

Metalworking fluid.
Another fluid launch from Houghton.

Dump Drums, Not Dust
Avoid the mess from transferring free-flowing bulk solid materials with a new drum dumper from Flexicon. The equipment features an elongated discharge cone that fits with the gasketed inlet of low-height receiving vessels. When the drum is raised on the platform, a seal is created between the rim of the drum and the underside of the discharge cone, the company explains. The secured drum is then tipped at a 45 degree angle, and a pneumatic slide gate at the spout can be opened variably for partial or total discharge at controlled rates, then closed before returning the drum to its original position--with no dust emitted throughout the cycle, Flexicon adds. The drum dumper is offered in stationary and mobile configurations and can handle 30- to 55-gallon drums, with a diameter adapter to allow for dumping of smaller-diameter drums. Web:

Flexicon Drum Dumper.
No more mess!

Ease Drain-plug Removal
Lumax released a swivel wrench set to remove oil drain plugs when making engine oil changes. The product features eight socket sizes in one tool, with a chrome molybdenum steel swivel head that can fit many angles when removing the oil drain plug, the company says. It also features a heavy-duty yoke support that resists against high torque and has a built-in magnet to hold drain plugs or nuts. The wrench comes in eight metric sizes (8 millimeter, 10 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm and 21 mm) and eight SAE sizes (3/8 inches, 7/16 in, half an inch, 9/16 in., 5/8 in., 11/16 in., three-quarter inch and 13/16 in). It fits most oil drains, transfer cases and differential plugs. Web:

Lumax swivel wrench.
Choose your size.

Continuous Engine Protection
Motorcycle riders in India can defend their bikes’ components during start-up, riding and when parked with Castrol Activ motor oil. The product’s additives cling to engine parts to reduce piston wear, fight deposits and defend against corrosion, the oil marketer states. The SAE 20W-40, 20W-50 and 10W-30 four-stroke motorcycle oils meet API SL and JASO MA2 specifications, and are available in 1-liter and 900 milliliter packs. Web:

Castrol Activ.
Lubrication at all times.

Replenish Hydraulic Oils
Extend the performance of hydraulic fluids with a new additives booster from Fluitec International. Boost AW restores antiwear and antioxidant additives in hydraulic oils to resist high-temperature loads that can cause oxidation and lead to varnish formation and equipment failure, the company notes. The product has a treat rate between 1.5 and 3 percent by volume and can be pumped into the oil reservoir during operation without special equipment. Fluitec boasts that the additives booster can reduce hydraulic fluid changes and equipment downtime, and lead to cost savings in fluid purchases. Boost AW can be used for hydraulic fluids in manufacturing, injection molding, marine and mining applications. Web:

Stop Corrosion Cold
Shell Marine has launched a two-stroke cylinder oil to protect modern marine engines. Shell Alexia 140 is a high base number formulation that can be used on its own or as part of an onboard lubricant blending or mixing system that addresses cold corrosion issues and optimizes oil feed rates when switching among different fuel types, such as liquefied natural gas and high sulfur fuel oil, the company says. The product can be used in engines of all ages and under full load or slow steaming conditions. Shell Alexia 140 is available at the ports of Rotterdam, Netherlands; Bremerhaven and Hamburg in Germany; Antwerp, Belgium; Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia; Busan, South Korea, and Salalah, Oman. Web:

Surge Racing Performance
Motul recently rolled out a new four-stroke motorcycle oil for on- and off-road racing. The SAE 10W-50 oil optimizes friction control, raises clutch grip, increases torque thanks to low oil film traction at low revolutions, and has high shear stability in gearboxes when used in off-road activities, the company reports. In track racing, the oils enhance oxidative stability, improve engine cleanliness and lower friction at high speeds to boost power output from the bike, Motul adds. The oils claim to meet or exceed existing JASO MA2 and API SN standards. Web:

Upgraded Mobil Delvac
Commercial and off-highway applications can improve equipment protection with three new Mobil Delvac 1 synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oils from ExxonMobil. Mobil Delvac 1 ESP SAE 5W-30 and 5W-40 API CK-4 and SAE 5W-30 FA-4 oils reduce oxidation, decrease deposits, minimize wear, have high shear stability at high temperatures and prevent sludge formation in low-temperature, stop-and-go conditions, the company notes. They also diminish oil thickening and degradation to extend oil drain intervals, raise fuel economy and, in the case of the FA-4 formulation, protect engines equipped with exhaust aftertreatment systems. The products can be used in a number of vehicles such as haul trucks, buses, construction equipment, mixed fleets and diesel engines with turbocharger, direct-injection and low-emission designs. Web:

Savant Expands Testing
Savant Labs recently added a seal compatibility test for method CEC L-112-16, a required test for the 2016 European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association ACEA engine oil sequences, designed to determine elastomer compatibility with the gasket and sealing material in modern engines. The test involves cutting and soaking a sample of seal material in oil for a specific number of hours at a particular temperature. When the soak phase is finished, the seals are measured for tensile strength, elongation, hardness and volume swell, then compared to the limits of the specification, Savant explained. The data is then processed and reviewed before the laboratory generates a report according to the test method’s guidelines. The elastomer compatibility test is available for ACEA categories A/B for gasoline and light-duty diesel engine oils, C for low- and mid-sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur containing oils, and E for heavy-duty diesel engine oils. Web:

Manage Foam
Carpenter Co. announced that several of its ethylene oxide/propylene oxide block copolymers are now Halal compliant for food processing applications. Carpol Nionic’s L-61, L-64, L-81, L-101 and P2000 are surfactants and polyglycols with defoaming, wetting and emulsifying properties. They have increased solubility and solvency, high flash points, are chemically stable and resist water hardness in equipment following strict Islamic cleanliness guidelines, the company says. The products were certified by the American Halal Foundation. “Achieving Halal compliance for our Nionic product line is another important step in positioning these materials for indirect food contact applications such as foam control for food processing and fermentation,” Brent Lesher, market manager, chemicals, explained. Web:

Aviation Grease Life Prolonged
ExxonMobil Aviation announced that its Mobilgrease 28 and Mobilgrease 33 now have an extended shelf life of 10 years, a four-year increase in the period that the greases can maintain their properties and performance. Clay-based Mobilgrease 28 protects components under heavy loads and resists deterioration when exposed to wide-ranging temperatures. It lubricates plain and rolling bearings at low to high speeds and decreases friction, rust, corrosion and wear in splines, screws, worm gears and other mechanisms, according to the company. Mobilgrease 33 is a lithium complex grease that protects outboard and inboard flaps, landing gear bushings and rudders against hydrolysis and has structural stability to perform in extremely low temperatures and wet environments, the manufacturer adds. Both products meet a range of military and commercial aviation specifications. Web:

Mobilgrease 28 and 33.
Soar longer.

Reformulated Defense
Amsoil has reformulated its XL synthetic motor oils to meet the latest challenges of the automotive market. The products deliver around 25 percent more cleaning power to turbocharged and direct-injection gasoline engine components, such as pistons and connecting rods, in addition to protecting against low-speed pre-ignition common in these engine types. The company adds that the oils reduce friction to maximize fuel economy and resist breakdown in extreme temperatures to minimize wear, deposits and difficult cold start-up. The SAE 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30 and 10W-40 motor oils meet API SN standards and GM’s Dexos Generation 1 and 2 specifications. Web:

November 2017

Spice Up your Fluids
Sea-Land Chemical released SeacoChem ProHear, a high erucic acid mustard seed oil. Mustard seed oil is derived from the same family as rapeseed and canola vegetable oils, and provides similar lubricating properties as traditional high erucic rapeseed oil. The 22 percent erucic fatty acid content offers improved lubricity over conventional myristic, palmitic or stearic (C14 to C18) fatty acid based vegetable oils and seed oils, the company says. The product contains a stabilizer for improved oxidation stability, making it suitable across a range of applications including metalworking fluids, textile lubricants, plasticizers, rubber processing and as an oleochemical intermediate. SeacoChem ProHear oil is available in North America in bulk, drum or tote packages. Web:

Metalworking fluid.
Enhance lubricity.

Identify Unstable Particles
Measurement instrument manufacturers can integrate monitoring of volatile organic compounds with a new sensor from Alphasense. The p-type metal oxides measurement device has a detection limit for compounds such as solvents, sterilants and petrochemicals between 10-50 parts per billion, depending on the compound, and a limit of 1-100 parts per million for isobutylene. The sensor has a dynamic range, low humidity response and its resistance increases in the presence of most VOCs, the company reports. It can be used in applications such as process monitoring, environmental monitoring, occupational safety and leak detection. Web:

Alphasense VOC sensor.
Sense and desist.

Eneos Races In
Professional and amateur racers can soon zoom past the competition with two upcoming lines of engine oil from JX Nippon Oil (now part of JXTG Holdings.) Eneos Racing Pro SAE 0W-20 has additives to greatly reduce friction and enhance vehicle acceleration, while the 10W-50 oil delivers film thickness under extreme operating conditions, antiwear and antioxidation properties, improved cold-start performance and engine cleanliness, while also boasting lower oil consumption, the Japanese oil major says. Eneos Racing Street are fully synthetic, SAE 0W-20 and 0W-50 oils that boost start-up and protect components from friction and hot and cold temperatures. Both product ranges prevent sludge buildup and deliver high-temperature stability. The oils are aimed at cars driven in GT, drift, sprint, stock car, rally, formula, drag racing and amateur motorsports. Web:

Eneos Racing motor oils.
Dash to the finish line.

Tough Grease from B’laster
B’laster Corp. released a range of greases for automotive, agricultural, construction, industrial, marine and mining applications. The company’s PB penetrating grease can be used in rusted areas to provide lubrication as it penetrates the corroded segments. Its two lithium complex greases provide general purpose lubrication as well as extreme pressure and high-temperature protection to components, and its heavy-duty calcium sulfonate grease contains extreme pressure additives to function in severe operating conditions. The company also released a calcium sulfonate grease specifically for marine environments. The PB penetrating grease is available as a cartridge, aerosol spray, brush top tub and squeeze tube, while the four traditional greases are available as cartridges. Web:

B'laster PB penetrating grease range.
For all your grease needs.

Boost Field Analysis
Spectro Scientific’s FieldLab 58 has been upgraded with and X-ray fluorescence module and a filter to improve detection of wear metals in oil. The portable, battery-powered device provides fast and comprehensive oil analysis of 13 wear elements in field applications using X-ray fluorescence for elemental analysis; a filter particle qualifier pore blockage particle counter; an infrared spectrometer and a kinematic viscometer, the company says. The oil analysis can immediately be carried out on-site, eliminating the need to send samples to a laboratory. “Results from the FieldLab 58 are invaluable in determining signs of contamination, abnormal wear, or lubricant conditions that can result in downtime or cause failure of high-value machinery assets,” Spectro Scientific adds. Web:

Spectro Scientific’s FieldLab 58.
Upgraded metal detection.

Control Rust
Lockhart Chemical launched a rust preventative additive suitable for food grade applications. Counter Rust CA-407 additive is a highly overbased calcium sulfonate that provides corrosion protection, detergency and dispersant properties to various lubricant formulations, the company says. It can also be used as part of the thickener system for calcium sulfonate greases used in food processing equipment. The product is available in drums, totes and bulk containers, has received Kosher approval and is registered as NSF International HX-1 for use in formulating H1 lubricants. Web:

Contain Harsh Substances
Safe handling of corrosive chemicals an additives is the goal behind Komax Systems’ triple action static mixers. The products are made from carbon steel, fiberglass, stainless steel and PVC and lined with polyvinylidene fluoride resin or polytetrafluoroethylene to stand up to the corrosive effects of concentrated acids and aggressive chemicals, the company states. The mixers are equipped with a flow straightener to eliminate downstream centrifugal effects and have the ability to sustain up to four mixing elements for different types of line-size and pressure drop mixing. The static mixers can be configured with multiple ports, grooved and plain end fittings and other mixing elements. Web:

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